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Icy Lash Cosmetics

Etsy Dropshipping Beginner Course- AFTERPAY AVAILABLE

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💸 Millionaires work SMARTER, not harder. In this course, you will learn how to start earning passive income with an easy, low-maintenance business. 💰 The luxury of making money online from anywhere in the world (even while you're on vacation) is a MUST!📱Making money online is the best way to build wealth in 2023! 💕

💸 Dropshipping on Etsy is a simple skill that will level up your finances and give you the freedom to live the life you've always dreamed of. This skill requires almost NO EFFORT, and NO INVENTORY. It is basically PASSIVE INCOME. 😍

💸 This course SIMPLIFIES the Etsy dropshipping method and will teach you how to start your Etsy dropshipping business step-by-step. It doesn't get easier than this!


LEARNER PACKAGE: Includes a 1:1 Zoom Presentation/Q&A with Mina, the E-Commerce Entrepreneur who created this course.

SELLER PACKAGE: Includes a Customized logo for your new Etsy shop designed by Mina (@minasluxdesigns on IG.)

BO$$ PACKAGE: Includes BOTH the 1:1 Zoom Presentation/Q&A and a Customized logo for your new Etsy shop 


Please checkout with your email address. The course will be sent to you via email within the next 24hrs. Email or DM @Mina.Princesa with any questions regarding your order. 💖

How to apply lashes

Measure the lashes to your eye. Trim lashes if needed. Apply lash adhesive to the band. Allow 5-10 seconds for the glue to get tacky before applying.


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About our lashes

Enhance your natural beauty with our Premium, Long-lasting Strip Lashes. All lashes are cruelty free, and reusable infinite times with proper care. Our flexible lash bands are designed for comfortable, all-day wear!